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How to tell when your child isn’t practicing.

Excellent article that applies to all instruments, and not only to the piano. (And it’s not too long, either!) Click Here to read it! Not much needs to be added to the article, but I do want to make the … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Clarinet Embouchure (VIDEO)

Correct embouchure is EXTREMELY important for getting a good sound on any instrument, but the clarinet is particularly difficult. One of the pitfalls that young clarinetists fall into is thinking that they are right simply because they can get a … Continue reading

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Support Music Adventures

I always say that I am going to spend more time writing blogs, making videos, or creating resources, but these things take time and sometimes equipment to create quality products. While I love sharing things with others who might benefit, … Continue reading

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Rhythm Boxes – Understanding Rhythm and Counting

A resource that will be great for everyone! You simply print out the pages. Keep the first page as it is and then the next pages you can cut out the notes. They will fit into the boxes. The number … Continue reading

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Reader Input Desired!

In my previous post I had mentioned that I was beginning a fantasy novel. Naturally this means that I have had less time to blog and create other resources for my followers. (Granted, not a huge following, but I get … Continue reading

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Branching Out: Fantasy Novels

Happy New Year everyone! Sometime in October I decided to branch out in my creative endeavors (which are quite diverse) and begin writing a novel that I have had in my head for over ten years — before I had … Continue reading

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