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Teaching Music Through Performance in…Band/Orchestra/Choir

A very helpful series that goes through some popular and suggested pieces for school-aged music ensembles, and discusses ways to teach varying concepts in the classroom using these pieces.

2 Responses to Text Resources

  1. Hi
    I was wondering whether you would be interested in reviewing one of my ibooks especially designed for the ipad. In particular, the beginners saxophone book is quite popular. It is an all-in-one type book containing over 100 pieces with embedded audio and video as well as online support.
    If it is something you would consider reviewing I would be more than happy to send you a promo code.
    Many thanks for your time
    Mario Bonaccorso
    Link to blog site – getjammingbooks.blogspot.com.au
    Link to iTunes bookstore – https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/mario-bonaccorso/id820315965?mt=11

    • Éowyn Fair says:

      Sure! I would love to try out your iBook! It sounds like a fascinating resource and very helpful to students. 🙂 I teach private lessons on many things, including woodwind instruments. A lot of kids (and some adults!) want to learn saxophone or clarinet and I’d love to be able to recommend the app to students.

      I apologize for the tardy response; I recently started a part-time position teaching music at a middle school and I’ve bit a bit too busy to keep up with my blog like I should!

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